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Success Beyond F&M: ‘Within One Month, I Knew I Was Going to Be Successful’

The tremendous success of F&M graduates demonstrates the tangible value of an F&M degree. At F&M, we have an exemplary landing rate. Within six months after graduation, 93% of F&M’s Class of 2023 were either employed or furthering their education.

In this series, we check in with members of the Class of 2023 to learn more about their post-graduate path and how their F&M experience launched them toward success.

Samantha "Sammi" Perry '23

Samantha “Sammi” Perry ’23

Major: Government

Pursuing: Master's degree in political communications at Emerson College

What did the first six months after graduating from F&M look like?

It was pretty intimidating at first. Enrolling at Emerson College to get a master's degree in political communication was a big jump and move to do all by myself. Moving to Boston, not knowing anyone there, and starting this master's program was a little overwhelming. However, I had an extra (fifth) year of NCAA eligibility due to a "COVID year," so I decided to join the women’s tennis team. Joining the team made a big difference getting to know people (12 instant friends), but the biggest thing was the master’s program curriculum. I also found an environment that supports one another no matter what. F&M did a wonderful job preparing me to not only handle, but also thrive in these classes. Within one month, I knew I was going to be successful because I had a great foundation that F&M helped build.

How did your F&M experience prepare you for where you are now?

F&M really prepared me academically and socially. F&M is very much a writing-based school. This helped me tremendously in graduate school. Most writing assignments felt like the ones at F&M, which gave me the confidence to think critically. Also, my participation in many extracurricular activities, like the tennis team and Chi Omega, helped me make many connections and genuine, long-lasting relationships, which are hard to form and maintain.

“I am thrilled to be doing so well in the master’s program due to my F&M experience, but also to my perseverance.”

— Samantha "Sammi" Perry '23

How does your current path compare to what you envisioned in your first year at F&M?

My current path is nothing like I envisioned it would be. Going into my first year, I initially decided to major in government at F&M, but I had no clue what I wanted. F&M’s flexibility of choosing a major sophomore year let me decide on government, and then specifically the communication side of politics. Now that I am getting a master’s degree in political communication, I can’t wait to apply this in a real job.

Looking back on your college search, why did you choose F&M?

I chose F&M because of the familiar faces, engaging campus, and the tennis team. These were my key factors in my college decision and career. Emerson is an urban campus in downtown Boston, while F&M is a more traditional college campus. As I compare the two campuses now, I am so glad I chose F&M as an undergrad. It feels close-knit, has lots of spirit, and was able to support me and give me connections until I learned to flourish on my own. I am thrilled to be doing so well in the master’s program due to my F&M experience, but also to my perseverance.

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